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Living Room Lighting

The living room is the meeting place of your home. If you have company or just spend time with your family, the living room is where you can spread out and relax.

You may be satisfied with the way your living room looks, so you don't want to make major changes. However, adding some handmade touches is a nice way to brighten things up when spring arrives.

Floating candle dishes look homey with flower petals floating among the candles. Decorate some picture frames with bright paper and frame a flower petal.
Or, take out the glass and make it a shadow box with a collage of flowers. Any kind of basket can be filled with spring flowers to make a small garden to set on a windowsill or table.

You may have a clear tall vase in your cabinet that you’re not using. Take this vase, fill with colorful beads or rocks and water, and then add an assortment of flowers. Place where the sun can shine through the water and reflect the colors.
Take a used wreath and remove the decorations. Arrange new spring flowers on the wreath, leaving a small area open at the top. Buy a wide piece of ribbon in a color that will match your room and the flowers.

Tie the ribbon loosely around the top with a bow above the wreath. Use the bow to hang it on the wall. You can also decorate the wreath and place it on a table or plate with a pillar candle in the middle. Use bright colors such as spring green, sunshine yellow, bright pink, or blue.

Fragrance is another way to convey a spring decor theme in your living room. Buy new potpourri for your simmering pot, or lose leaves for an open bowl. Colorful dried potpourri will add colorful accents to match the other spring decorations in your living room.

This spring, be sure to brighten up your living room with crafts you have made by hand. Make your living room a comfortable, inviting place to spend time with friends and family. These personal touches will bring new style into your room.

In most homes, the living room is the first room people see when they enter. Eventhough this space is used mostly to entertain guests, you still want the room to have a comfortable environment for you and all family members.

As you look around your living room, you realize that many things need to be updated, but your budget won't allow a full remodeling job. So, you have been checking out some home decorating tips in magazines and on the Internet that will suit your budget.

Below are a few ideas you can use to give your living room a whole new look for guests and family without spending a small fortune on remodeling.

Change the color of your sofa and chairs by adding pre-made slipcovers. You can choose these in many different styles and colors that will match your decor. Not much cost involved here so you can do this every few months to keep things fresh and new.

Another home decorating idea is to use large colorful pillows or decorative throws on your sofa and chairs. This option, which is normally a little less expensive than slipcovers, will also give your living room a fresh new look.
Hang some modern artwork or mirrors on your walls facing the furniture for friends and family to admire. Cloth wall hangings are also very popular and can be hung above your couch or chairs. You will be amazed at how much this can change the aura and style.
Show off special moments you've shared with friends and family, by placing the photos in special frames and hanging them on your walls. Another home decorating idea that will add style to your house decor is clocks. A favorite is the grandfather clock, which can either be wall-mounted or freestanding.

Let’s say that there is no particular area that has a commanding presence in the new design area. Try looking for decorating ideas for a living room that will help you choose your own focal point.
Many people are drawn to paintings and interesting furniture that has a lot of character for the room’s focal point.

A great strategy is to plan your living room furnishings as a functional living area that serves your lifestyle needs. Buy the best quality you can afford, if only a single piece at a time. With such a plan, the end result is a living room you'll love for many years to come. Take some pointers from professional interior decorators.

Whether you're a newlywed starting from scratch or an empty nester downsizing to an apartment, the basic plan is the same. The first step in developing your theme is coordinating a personal scrapbook of the looks you like.

Browse decorating magazines and online furniture shops. Don't rush through this process. Make an assessment of how you want this room to get ideas for decorating a living room with furniture that makes you happy. If you entertain business guests frequently, your needs will be different from the sports fan's required big screen and casual seating. Function is primary to your plan.

Living Room Design

In most homes you'll find at least one main room that all family members seem to enjoy being in during the evening. Whether they meet to watch television, play a board game or simply to sit and relax, the living room is often the most used room in the home.

Let's face it. Your home is your sanctuary from the rest of the world. Why not put a little extra effort into coming up with unique decorating ideas for a living room that reflects your personality and style?

When you are considering living room decor think about the tone you want to create and also take into account what each member of the family likes to do.
Some great decorating ideas for a living room like this may include a leather sofa, an oak table and a few pieces of artwork. The design you hope to achieve in a formal living room should be that of opulence and only do this if your family has another spot to gather.
The furniture that you choose for this central room of the home should be both attractive and functional. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are considering decorating ideas for a living room is having their heart set on one particular style or design of furniture.

If you see something in a catalog or on a website that you think will look spectacular in your living room, ensure that it’s actually comfortable to sit on before you purchase it. Also consider taking measurements of the room and any furniture you already have before adding new pieces. There’s nothing worse than bringing home a new oversized chair to find it just doesn’t fit.

Small children enjoy taking their toys from room to room and if you’ve got little ones in your family, you’ll want a living room that accommodates them.

Two fun decorating ideas for a living room that will be used by children is to make one area of the room kid-friendly by adding a storage unit for their toys and perhaps including a small set of chairs and a table.

Although some homes have a separate room that is constructed strictly for play, many don’t have this option and if this is the case at your house, you'll want your children to feel comfortable playing in the living room.
Choosing what goes on the walls is a very important part of the room décor too. After picking a paint color start thinking about what type of artwork you’d like to see in the room. Traditional decorating ideas for a living room would often include paintings or photographic art. If you aren’t a fan of any artist in particular, you may want to try something a bit more personal.

A way to create a warm and welcoming living room is to add framed family or individual portraits to the walls. Choose images of everyone who lives in the home as well as family and friends. These wall pictures do not have to be shot in a studio. Choose locations for your portraits that have meaning so that you can reminisce every time you glance at them.
Not only does this make the room seem more inviting, it also gives the room a personality of its own.
Hope these ideas for decorating a living room have been helpful for your next home improvement project but don't stop here. Hop online and find even more exciting home decor tips and advice.